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... ... (speechless)

Mark Weaver

tears......just big, wet tears......

you are loved....


mary darnell

I guess this is the "catfish sandwich"
much love and blessings on the great adventure!

Janice Pruett

I know you'll miss your CO home & friends, but the Pruetts will be so glad to have you closer again! Hope the rest of your time there is full of love & memory-making. Love you!

David and Angelia

We are so ecstatic!! You can come worship in our home with us! I'll make you a fine dinner and pour you a glass of wine!!
We love yall and are praying for a sweet transition!
The Carrigans

Uncle Randy West

Where ever ya'll go,the Fathers picnic blanket and all His loving "goodies" will already be spread out...Can't wait to hear of the amazing well of community your beautiful family will get to drink from. Excited your a little bit closer to Jasper,Alabama. Would be honored to have ya'll come and get spoiled by Uncle Randy and family...anytime! Love you Barry and Michelle. I'll try to be better about staying in touch. Uncle Randy West

Ashley Warren

My heart is so full and encouraged by this. Oh how your faith is refreshing knowing how much you love Colorado and how, with open hearts, knowing that the FATHER is at the center of all of this!

Shen Goldman-Lewis

How good is God that we would have the chance to hug (at least Michelle) shortly before the move? Be Blessed, Patty's... the Lewises love you and are looking forward to catching up with you around the bend! <3

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