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David A J

Hi Barry & Michelle, I was terribly blessed with the songs from your album Birth. I heard those songs before 10 years but still they linger in my mind. the songs really helped me to draw closer to God in prayer (i need to slow down) & also helped me during my difficult times (closer). It was as if my heart was yearning with so much of feelings but just couldn't find words to express it, then u gave me words to express them. May God bless you guys & use you to bring many lost souls back to His love. It was only an audio cassette which i got from my friend some 10 yrs back & i lost it. I was searching for those songs in the net for many days & finally only yesterday i found out that it was your album. Found in Currently I am not in a position to afford 600/- Rs to buy your cd but i would love to hear them again & again. Is there a chance for me to get those songs?? (from the album Birth)...... With love Dave

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